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The Brief - Landscaped Garden

Mr and Mrs Crump retired couple wanting attractive low maintennance garden. They wanted a complete change and were very open to ideas.

Beautitul garden using bark decking & patio.
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How I addressed the issues

The slope was raised by installing the larger triangular raised bed in the left corner .Treated wood was used and a gap was left between the raised beds and the fence(a membrane was first put down they covered with decorative gravel). The varied heights of the raised beds added further interest and also from a maintenance point of view made it easier to look after.

New shed erected painted and installed on a concrete base so no damp would rise up and rot it. A heavy duty permeable garden membrane was put under all the graveled areas to stop weed growth. The manhole cover was covered with gravel to hide it but still allow easy access if neccessary.

A new rotary washing line was installed, but when not in use it could be easily lifted out of its tube and stored in the shed. New lawn laid and edged so that the mower can cut easily where the lawn meets the raised beds.

The planting scheme mainly used Lavenders and blue hebe's, leaving enough space for them to fill out each raised bed. Also Phormiums used for their architechtural strap like leaves.


The existing shed was old and leaky they stipulated they needed another one for storage as they had no garage, and they needed to keep a rotary washing line.

Other issues such as..

  • Their existing garden sloped to one corner(unable to just increase soil height as this would rot the bottom of the fence)
  • The lawn was full of weeds and moss, and their concrete paving was cracked and faded.
  • They felt they had too much lawn .
  • They also had a large manhole cover to contend with.
  • Wanted to keep some plants.

The Plan

I divided the garden up into a very geometric pattern which i felt put some movement into it and elongated it. I then allocated the various shapes into their final roles. I used various materials to try to impart a contemporary feel to the design.

I repeated the plants in the planting scheme to join the planted areas together. Black basalt setts used to edge and contrast the different areas, especially against the creamy white Travertine paving.