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The Brief - New patio for the courtyard

Mr & Mrs Foster, a young couple with 4 young children that needed level, safe playing area for them to play on their bikes & scooters

Beautitul garden using bark decking & patio.
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How I addressed the issues

Removed all the concrete and started from fresh levels, raising one of the manhole chambers to create a larger level sorface. I used recessed manhole covers to hide the drain access points. Took out the old damaged steps and replaced with sandstone.

Used half a sandstone circle to create a feature step, using the other half within the paving by the gate.

Filled a channel around the house and courtyard with decorative gravel to allow surface water to drain away quickly.


The existing courtyard was completely covered in several cast concrete slabs. which had been in place for possibly 20 yrs and was very tatty and unattractive, and uneven. The depth of the concrete was unknown. The concrete also was right up to the bricks on the house and surrounding walls, so possbly creating a damp problem.

Other issues such as..

  • 3 manhole covers to deal with.
  • A set of original steps(up to the top part of the garden and drive) that were not used due to the bricks between the original sandstone sides being in a poor condition.
  • A sloped path on the side of the pond which also led up to the top garden.Which was not very safe to use in the winter.
  • Large step down from the door to the concrete, not very safe for their young family.

The Plan

Use a Natural Indian sandstone which will not fade and will always look great. Choose the size of the paving so that when it is laid it will give the feel that the courtyard is longer and wider that it is. Use the original steps up to the top garden as they are (when fixed) safer and more of a feature.

Remove the sloping path build a brick retaining wall (using reclaimed bricks) from the side of the pond across the path opening and to the courtyard wall, backfill it with soil and plant it up with herbs for the kitchen.

Use small sandstone setts to edge the whole patio and to separate the two patterns