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What is it

This compost is made from garden clippings that are composted and graded. It is 100% recycled and peat- free and is produced from renewable sources. It is disease and weed free and it has a rich and dark appearance with a pleasant earthy smell. Source of bulky organic matter and humus

What does it do

When added to your soil it will create a much more open structure - improving drainage, water holding capabilities and air movement through your soil. It is rich in nutrients which will help to build up a natural fertility in your soil, increasing root structure and producing healthier plants.

Where can I use it

You can use it many ways such as:

  • Raised Beds
  • Borders
  • Allotment
  • To plant trees and shrubs
  • Top dress pots

How to use

As a general soil improver /top dressing spread a 70-80mm layer over the surface and dig in well

In heavy clay soils dig spread 100-120mm of compost and dig in 150mm deep When planting a potted shrub or tree dig a hole twice the size of the pot. Mix the 50% compost with 50% soil place around the tree/shrub firm and water well

As a mulch apply approximately 50 – 80mm in depth of soil conditioner around the base of bushes and plants to benefit the plant, suppress weeds and feed the topsoil. To top dress pots remove 50mm of existing soil and replace with 50mm of compost and gently work into the surface

When to use

Garden Compost is best incorporated with soils from late autumn through to spring and left to settle for a couple of weeks before planting. It is suitable for use with light cultivations and mulching all year round.

Product Guidance

  • Ideally use within 1 year of purchase.
  • As with all gardening activities, please wear gloves and wash hands when finished and avoid inhaling any dustor ingesting any of the compost.
  • Store unused products away from potential contamination such as chemicals or weed killers.
  • To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and children.
  • As with all natural materials, photos may vary slightly from the actual product.
  • Product can be applied safely in gardens with animals and children. Some animals may be attracted to manures – manure can be dug in to reduce the attraction although it will not be harmful to them.
  • During storage, organic materials may develop a white mould, this is completely natural and harmless and will soon disappear when agitated.
  • When soil is disturbed and organic matter applied, mushrooms and other types on fungi may temporarily appear. This is great news as the natural soil web is returning to your garden, just hoe them over and they will disappear. They are harmless.
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  • PH 6.
  • Nitrate 29 mgkg
  • Phosphorous 98 mgkg
  • Pottasium 3810 mgkg
  • Magnesium 573mgkg
  • Ammonia 3.9 mgkg

further notes

  • Not suitable for Ericaceous plants
  • Conforms to Pas 100 and the Quality Compost Protocol
  • Cert code :JML-HBWR-0012